When I started my journey after my 8 year old was born I weighed around 145 pounds. I have gone through some ups and downs.

I use to look at all the fitness forums to get advice and loved to look at journals and pics of other people to gain motivation. I am just going to post pics and cals/foods for the week. I will also be incorporating weekly primal refeeds as soon as I am down to 110 or when I hit a plateau -- which has been my goal weight for a while.

I train pretty hard. I am a personal trainer and bootcamp/group instructor. I, however, do not practice Chronic Cardio-- and can't-- it kills me honestly to do intense cardio for longer than 20 minutes.

Right now I am honestly consuming around 2100-2600 cals. It is hard to believe -- I have been losing weekly if I keep the fruit and nuts out -- which is what I am doing right now. I have been keeping my carbs under 50 and it seems to be moving along steadily. Very happy with Primal eating -- wouldn't eat any other way.

I plan on posting pics when I have a few minutes to breath!