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Thread: Trader Joe's Coconut Oil

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    Trader Joe's Coconut Oil

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    I just saw for the first time at my local Trader Joe's that they now sell their own store brand virgin coconut oil. I'd been paying $9 for the crappy refined stuff elsewhere, and this was $6, so I was pretty psyched to see it there.

    Just thought I'd give people a heads up. Not sure if it's just new at my TJ's (it's a small one afterall) or if this is a brand new product from them altogether.

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    Interesting... I was just thinking about this the other day. I was surprised that they didn't sell coconut oil yet. I will have to check it out next time I am there.

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    Whole Foods also sells a store brand for about $7. I will have to try Trader Joe's, though.

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    Where did Grok get his coconut oil?

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    Sweet! I have purchased the Whole Foods one, which I find to have an odd odor, and the Sprouts market one, which I really love, but I am definitely going to try TJ's next time I run out.

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    Grok got his coconut oil by chewing on coconuts. He didn't have to pay $3 per coconut, either.
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