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Thread: Bulk cooking...

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    Bulk cooking...

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    So I'm going to be the 'cook' at a campsite over Summer (New Zealand!) for 8 days. There will be somewhere between 10-20 people and I only have access to a BBQ and a gas cooker - no oven. I have a budget (we are a team running kids programmes) of up to $10 per person, per day. Obviously I can't cook everything primal because of budget - also I don't want to spend HOURS in the tent kitchen every day as I have two toddlers!

    But I am looking for a bit of help in the recipe side of things! Thinking of pre-making and freezing some meals like chili for nachos, making a big eggplant lasagne (might have access to a stove one or two days) and soaking and cooking porridge in the crock pot every morning.

    So if you have any recipes that are budget friendly, camp friendly and taste really good (not to mention quick and easy to make) I am all ears

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    hot dogs... lots and lots of hot dogs
    also you can get apples, core them, stuff them, wrap them in tinfoil and throw them on the fire for a super rich treat (marshmallows & chocolate, anyone?)
    and eggs, don't forget eggs.
    Hot dogs, eggs, and fruit is usually pretty cheap
    --Trish (Bork)

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    pulled pork?

    Is pork shoulder cheap in your part of the world? That's one of my favorite things to mass premake. It freezes great and is compacts nicely in containers. If you cook it fairly plainly, you can dress it all different ways at the camp.

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    I've been in a similar situation, though it was in winter, not summer, and none of it was primal!

    I made a big pot of mince with tomatoes, herbs, onion, garlic, and served it with pasta, then used the leftover sauce with added zucchini, spinach and eggplant, to make lasagna. I also made a curried mince with vegetables served with rice, a beef and vegetable stew, hot dogs and baked potatoes. Depending what seasoning you add and if you want to do beans, you could make nachos/burritos with it too.
    For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs (scrambling makes them go further, i swear!), sausages and bacon cooked on the BBQ. I also had cereal (weetbix and the like) and fruit for anyone who wanted it instead. Lunches were sandwiches/rolls with salad and meat (shaved ham from the supermarket is cheap, or you could cook a roast of some kind or corned beef beforehand). Snacks were fruit or baking that was done beforehand.

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