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Thread: Grains. Need more proof

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    Grains. Need more proof

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    So grains. In particular non gluten grains like bolied rice, quinoa, amaranth or millet that have little to no condiments added. Why should they be limited? Sure I've read plently of articles from non scientific sources where they wlill cite various undesirable effects of them which I do beleive (but not necessarily know)to be true. Lectins, phytates etc but how do I know that these ultimately create an overall worse effect on health than meat does? Can you explain in a way that you know for almost certain is true? Or are you taking peoples word on a lot of things? Can you back it up with scientific papers? And I don't mean just one or two. A lot of the stuff on here goes very much against a lot of nutritional concepts that have been shown time and time again to hold true. There's nothing wrong with being open minded to things that are unproven by science of course but you will seem to use scientific reseach when it supports your case like it's proof and call it unreliable the next minute.

    Looking back on the uncertain past is not always a reliable way to judge what to do in the present so I don't really care for the historical argument so much. Unless you can show me some good solid science that shows me that I should.

    There's no need to call me a troll but if you want to think of me that way I really don't mind. I have a very open mind to things but I won't let things stick around in there without good solid reason.

    Thank you for reading
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    Be your own science experiment... How to Lower Your Blood Sugar

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    Thank you. Good idea. I'll post my findings . Have you done this?

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    Plenty of us eat rice and such.

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    I love white rice.

    Grains are not all the same, we all have different needs, and foods have varied effects on various people.

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    I am a firm supporter of n=1(be your own science experiment). One of the most important things I've learned going PB is how to actually listen to my own body and honor its needs. I know, esoteric, but there it is. I gave up "gluten" grains several months ago, replacing them with non-gluten substitutes, and didn't really see any significant improvements. When I went PB and gave up all grains, I saw significant health improvements very quickly. So for ME, grains = bad.

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    I defintiely agree with giving it a shot. Cutting out gluten and regular wheat products cut down on some of my belly swelling. I still eat white rice sometimes, but I think part of the issues with grains in general is that people have no idea what an adequate serving is. If I have a cup of COOKED white rice, I'm fine. But your well-accepted standard serving size is half a plate, and that makes me constipated.
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    I think regarding the least offensive grains a lot of it has to do with your own personal ability to handle them. For me, they're just not worth it.

    I get full quickly- it makes sense to pack as much nutrition as I can in what I manage to consume. Grains just don't offer that.

    I also have suffered from severe hypoglycemia while eating a diet high in grains. I feel so much better not eating them.

    My husband does eat grains, rice and corn, namely, and seems to do well. He does better on a diet much higher in carbohydrates than I do.

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    Thanks guys. I agree that gluten grains like wheat should be limited or excluded for optimal health. I gave up gluten a few months back and feel a lot better I think. Yet north china seems to do ok on it. North farms mostly wheat and south farm mostly rice as I understand it. I often have 4 cups of cooked rice a day and a lot of fruit and don't seem to have much issues with it. I have a little bloating at times and my eyes look a little tired but a lot of the time I feel great. I'm 23, 11stone (70kg)and 5 foot 10. I'm not muscular and I think I could be healthier but I put that down to lack of exercise and a poor sleeping schedule. Not that I have a problem sleeping but I sleep at the wrong times. I agree that grain isn't optimal. The more fruit I consume the better I feel. I think there are lot of myths out there about veganism but I'm not saying veganism is better or that it's not for that matter. Mainly the protein one. B12, iron, calcium, folic acid etc etc. I'm not preaching here or telling you what to do so don't atttack me. Do as you wish. I'm not entirely convinced by paleo and I've done my fair share of research and experimentation. The grain thing I'm not convinced by yet. The protein thing. I think a lot of people confuse the drug companies with medical reseachers. Medical researchers are not out to ruin your health. Many papers have shown that protein comsumption does not need to be over 10% of your calories and that there is no biological need for animal protein. If you want to debate with me and either back it up with medical literature or solid logic then I'm happy to learn new stuff but please don't bother offending me as it serves no purpose. Either you're here to help people or attack people and insults just drive people away.

    And where are these cultures that eat low carb by the way? References please

    Thank you
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