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Thread: Skinny people get diabetes too

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    Skinny people get diabetes too

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    Diabetes a growing threat to young and slim - Health - Diabetes -

    The telling line: "Stephanie hadn't been to a drive-through in ages; she didn't touch meat. Yet, somehow, she'd gotten an illness most slim women dodge."

    Step away from the whole grain, tofu pita pockets ladies.
    A steak a day keeps the doctor away.

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    "Some doctors, such as leading diabetes expert Richard Bernstein, M.D., believe that many of the slim women diagnosed with type 2 don't actually have that disease. Rather, they could have an undiagnosed case of type 1"

    You just gotta love that part, its like FUCK YOU LOGIC, IM RIGHT

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    weird. Bernstein is considered a great holistic diabetes expert.

    my dad is of a healthy weight and has been physically active his entire adult life (often walking several miles every day) and yet he has type 2. i highly doubt he had undiagnosed type 1, that really doesn't make any sense at all.

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    My super slim neighbor developed type I at around the age of 50. If you live a life style rich in things that can promote autoimmune disorders (soy, corn, WHEAT) and you have the underlying genetics for it then there is always the chance.
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    The pancreas only produces x amount of insulin over a lifetime, obviously this will vary from person to person. Even at a normal, thin weight, the constant elevated blood sugar levels from certain foods, snacking, alcohol intake, and lack of exercise and general movement, is likely what's contributing to the increase in t2d among "healthy" weight individuals. Not to mention the competition of cortisol, the stress hormone; first world countries have unnaturally high levels of synthetic stressors. They're basically exhausting their production at a faster rate, even at a normal weight. Conversely, there are heavier individuals that don't develop t2d. Genetics play a large part in the consequences of our lifestyle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j3nn View Post
    The pancreas only produces x amount of insulin over a lifetime, obviously this will vary from person to person.
    Is there a study to back this up? I'm skeptical.

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