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Thread: Naturally Primal (I swear I was Ayla in a past life :P LOL)

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    Naturally Primal (I swear I was Ayla in a past life :P LOL)

    This is my journal to document me and my families journey into the primal lifestyle. It has been about 2 weeks so far of no grains or processed crap, and buying organic fruit and vegetables, and grass fed meat.
    It was a bit of an adjustment for everyone else to remove the grains, as cereals were a big part of everyones breakfast, but they are all now eating eggs and whatever I serve for breakfast. I have a husband and 2 boys (4 and 18 months). We are all sleeping better and just in better moods over all. I have lost about 30 kg in the last 18 months, in the CW way, IE low fat etc, but half of that was pregnancy weight, so really it has been horribly slow, plus I had bingeing issues, but now have resolved them. I have about 20-30 kg to go, but primarily I want to be healthy, losing weight will be a bonus. It has become apparrent to me though due to feeling quite sick I do need to give up dairy too, I have cream with 1-3 coffees each day, and I feel horrible after. I imagine its the coffee too though. So that is my newest challenge as it is hard to give it up.
    I am a kiwi living in Australia.
    During my weight loss journey, I was doing a lot of gym classes, then was doing a lot of running and trained for a half marathon (which I completed in 3 hours in July, so very slowly) then a lot more classes, but then I realised I needed to start lifting heavy which I have been, but then have done very little cardio lately, so will start doing some sprints too. Will also do some of the WOW from this site. I am also hoping to get into crossfit soon too.
    Will add some pics of my journey so far. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in my body from following this primal lifestyle Heres hoping without the dairy the belly will disappear, as its my most hated body part
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