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Thread: dehydrating jerky and sweet potatoes?

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    dehydrating jerky and sweet potatoes?

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    So I just got my nesco FD-75PR dehydrator and wondering if you guys had some good directions/recipes for making sweet potato chips (and kale chips) and most of all beef jerky. What cut of meat should I get? How long for dehydration of sweet potatoes and meat? Unfortunately dehydrator doesn't have a timer, so am curious how you guys deal with that if you have the same model as me? Anything is helpful.


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    I am looking for recipes/info, also... hope we get some responses
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    I have a Nesco dehydrator as well it's the Great Harvest model or something like that(square trays). I like to make beef heart jerky with it. The nice thing about beef heart is it's lean, cheap, and flavor-wise not that much different from regular beef. The biggest difference I would say would be the texture once dry. Otherwise you could use a lean roast like top round. Dehydration time will be determined on the thickness of your meat(I hand slice and am able to get my slices from 1/8inch to 3/8inch) and the temperature you decide to dehydrate at. I like to do my meat at the lowest temp(95) even though it's recommended to do it at 160(in my opinion you're not really drying the meat at this point but cooking it). I also marinate my meat overnight to 24 hours which helps to cure the meat so I have no qualms about my low temp. I've done it at both temps and at 160 I'd say the meat dries in about half the time of 95, something like 6-12 hours depending on how thick.

    I haven't had any experience with making veggie chips.
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