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Thread: Is it just me or is chicken not worth it?

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    Is it just me or is chicken not worth it?

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    Whenever I have chicken (usually thighs, with skin) I never tend to feel satisfied. I can easily go through 3 large thighs with 1.5 tablespoons of coconut oil and 450g worth (half a pack) of frozen veggies in one meal which is easily 800 calories, and even though I often end up feeling 'full', I never feel as good as I do after having, say, steak or bacon. I know that chicken naturally has a higher protein / fat ratio compared to other meats, but is there any point in eating it that much if it's pretty much useless without me adding coconut oil to it?

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    I ate my first pack of chicken thighs over the past 2 days in months. I don't know how to describe it, but I just DON'T LIKE CHICKEN FAT. It's borderline gross. It's like this disgusting gelatin, and the chicken thighs are usually full of cartilage that frays off and just has an unpleasant mouth feel. Chicken skin is praised around here and I just don't like it, either. It really has to be broiled to a crisp. The only chicken I truly enjoy is boneless, skinless chicken thighs trimmed of all fat aside from classic chicken wings or chicken breast tenders. I think whole chickens, split chicken breasts, bone-in and skin-on anything is the pits.
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    Chicken and pork are both becoming a rarity with me. I'm going for the ruminants. They have more nutrition in their flesh because they are specially equipped to digest and extract all the good stuff from plants and put it in these nice convenient packages for us called steaks.

    And choco, I totally agree that chicken fat is gross but if you put a bucket of extra crispy KFC in front of me, my willpower might just cave. I know, I know, PUFAs galore. But still yummy.
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    It's probably not the best for health, but I love chicken! Baked or fried, it's always good. Especially love the thighs with the skin on.

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    One of my favorite meals is two roasted chicken thighs with a sweet potato basted in the drippings. Crispy brown skin just tastes so freaking good. I have to agree though that it makes my skin pretty nasty and greasy afterwards, like I can feel the stuff oozing out of my pores. Chicken breast sauteed in butter or coconut oil does not do that to me and probably has a much better fat profile.

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    I realized that the only reason why I like to get rotisserie chicken is because of the giblets in the center and bones that I get to chew on afterward, and I'm not even that wow'd by the drumsticks. Is there any way that I can get these parts from the rotisserie without having to pay for the entire chicken?

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    All forms of chicken upset my stomach and make me feel like crap. Same with eggs too. (omg, but what can I eat for breakfast!?!?) Turns out it's why I failed at the Cordain paleo. I can't handle chicken, and that's one of the only "good" meats to eat on it. I feel the fullest and the best after eating beef. I strangely hate tallow and prefer lard though.
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    it's just you, because chicken is a delicious bird.

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    Now I'm craving chicken thighs with the skin, cooked on my grill until crispy on the outside and yummy delicious on the inside, maybe with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. Damn, if only I didn't have a steak all ready to go for tonight....

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    Have you guys actually learned about how these chickens live even in the best case scenario? They are not something that could exist on their own in the wild that is for sure.. That is why I call them frankbirds because tahts what they are...genetically engineered to turn corn into protein cheap/fast. Even the ones that run around all day (if you want to call it running) I'm not that thrilled with. Lots of them can hardly even walk outside the coop (high death rate for these birds kept in this manner) and they die of organ failure many of them before they can even lay eggs.. (12 weeks old), no features under their many things they are very weak and they prefer food over grubs...unlike other chickens that we get eggs from.

    I always feel better after eating red beef, and I dont get that feeling after eating chicken or any poultry for that matter. I would love to not have any more chicken but unfortanetly its a lean cut and it helps me with other goals..and its the easiest thing to get lean when you go out to eat. It's a constant battle...

    I do love the taste of chicken fat drizzled on stuff tho..and crispy chicken skin. I dont like the muscle tho, I'm with you there..and dark meat doesnt seem to have a lot of meat. I get a lot of whole chickens/legs/thighs/or split breasts from my csa so I just deal with it.

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