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Thread: coconut flour

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    coconut flour

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    If I use this would it count as a fat or a fruit? I make protein "cookies" for my kids to take for breakfast, but I am feeling slightly guilty that this cookie is not a super balanced meal (I do put pumpkin in them though). SO, I am trying to figure out if I could count the coconut flour as anything other than fat. Thoughts? They contain almond meal, eggs, pumpkin, coconut flour, spices, buckwheat flour (I know, I know, but it is on marks list of better-for-you grains. Plus, I needed something to hold it together better and make it more like a cookie) and some other add-ins like raisins, unsweetened cranberries or dark chocolate.

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    Run the ingredients through one of the online trackers like SparkPeople's SparkRecipes section. It will tell you how much fat, carbs, etc. are in each cookie.

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    Wow, don't stress over it so much. If you want to make sure they're getting proper nutrition, just make sure they get enough animal protein and are eating their vegetables. I'd say making pseudo-paleo sweets should be a last resort for the pickiest of eaters, to make it an easier transition.

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    coconut flour is mostly fiber.

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