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Thread: Will I ever be able to go barefoot again?

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    I'm Kitty, I'm a teenager, and I love going barefoot. I started last summer and a few days later noticed pain on the inside of my ankle. I got it checked out several months later and was told that my arches were falling and I needed to wear orthodics 24-7.

    I've since been doing physical therapy for about a month and, when I'm wearing the orthodics, the pain is gone. However, my dream is to spend long periods of time doing vigorous physical activity barefoot, and as of now, whenever I do anything barefoot, the pain comes back quickly.

    Is there anything I can do to get rid of the pain and strengthen my feet? Any suggestions are deeply appreciated.

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    Check out this post -

    Remember to do these things gradually,taking it slow is so much less high maintenance than nursing over-exerted ankles!

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    Are you overweight? That might be one cause. I've heard that doing calf raises can help to strengthen your arches. You might wear your arch supports to school, but be barefoot at home. When you walk barefoot around the house, practice gripping the floor with your toes and spreading them for more support.

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    No, I am not overweight, but foot problems are somewhat genetic for me.

    Thanks, Primalchild, I'll try that.

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    Hey Kitty,

    I had the same problem when I was a teenager. I started wearing inserts (superfeet, the green ones) when I was 14, as per my chiropractor. I wore them most of the time, except when I started modern dance, where you don't use shoes at all. That was when I was 16. I wore the inserts with every other shoe when I wasn't dancing. Now I feel that I don't even need them (I'm 22). I don't know if it's because I strengthened my feet by going barefoot or if it's because I am now mostly done growing. Even though you don't really notice, I wonder if the little bit of growing you have left to do has anything to do with it.

    If you're still in pain barefoot, I would keep wearing the orthodics and keep up with the physical therapy (it really does help, I had a couple of knee injuries that required me to go to PT.) You've only been doing it for a month and it requires quite a bit more for your body to build itself back up. You could also try massaging your feet and ankles to get blood flowing to them more easily.

    Another possibility is your posture. You're feet support the weight of your body and how you hold your upper body can vary how much damage your feet are carrying.

    Also, consider this article:

    It's kind of a long read, but it is really interesting regarding muscles and how they work.

    Good luck with everything!

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    Try spreading your toes (pinky toe to big toe, big toe to pinky toe) as wide as you can. When you stand spread your toes and press big toe, pinky toe and heel into the floor. Also try squeezing your toes down (like you're making a fist).

    I use that with several of my private yoga clients to help strengthen their feet.

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    also try weaving your fingers in b/w your toes. Try it with your palm pressing into the top of your foot and then again with your palm pressing into the sole of your foot.

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