OK, so you're sitting on the couch, at the end of a productive day. You've had a belly-full of meat and fish and eggs, and a bunch of greens and some veg. But there's something kinda missing... a small hankering for a wee desert. Something to take the place of ice-cream, or cheese-cake to round off the evening.

What makes a small, and healthy Paleo snack alternative?
(And, bear in mind I'm trying to loose weight.)

Each thing I think of, has downsides!

I'm not ANY doing dairy or grains - so that's out.
I'm also no doing sugar - so no to that too...
Cheese is out because of the calories.
I would grab a handful of nuts, but too many nuts seems to get a bad rap, also calories.
Frozen fruit would be perfect, - but too much fructose, and again, carbs!

The only thing left seems to be dark chocolate, coconut or berries!

Any other suggestions for small, treats, snacks or desserts?