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Thread: restarting Primal - and horrible nausea first day...

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    restarting Primal - and horrible nausea first day...

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    I'm restarting Primal after being 'off the wagon' for quite a few months so I started today. I know its probably just horrible carb flu. And probably not the smartest day to give up caffeine too.

    So vlc + no caffeine = me puking at work.

    I can handle some carb withdrawl but this is ridiculous! Maybe its better to ease into it over the course of several days? I feel better now that I've puked and ate a mini Hershey's.

    The first time I started Primal I had some carb flu but it really wasn't too bad. I don't know what happened today.

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    What did you eat? I find it hard to believe that not having carbs for breakfast made you puke.
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    Maybe its NOT the not having carbs that made you puke but the fatty breakfast - you don't digest fats very well??

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