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Thread: The German obesity rate is considered at the same level as with the USA

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    The German obesity rate is considered at the same level as with the USA

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    I guess the US isn't as unique like Euros try to make it seem...

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    One major aspect is the introduction of "fat free" foods which DID NOT EXIST when I lived there. Yogurt was all full force fat, it was like ice cream. Now try and find it there. Decrease fat and a major increase in sugar because that is how it is generally done. This is just one of their many problems. Vegetable oil in lieu of olive oil and lard is another.

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    Not hugely surprising. My parents are great examples. Trim in the 70s, and slowly Weight Watchered themselves into obesity. Everything is light this and lite that. My mum has a general sweet tooth and loves her toast and jam. Homemade jam, but still. Plus the scraping of PUFA margerine underneath. She has just been steadily ballooing all over i think. My dad is a savoury person (like me), eats plenty of real butter and sausages of all kinds, but it's all carried by admittedly lovely bread. Pretty much every supermarket has an actual bakery in the front. He had a beer belly, but was otherwise fine. He was put on anti-depressants, and my mum started dieting him. Lots of fruit salad and the like. He started ballooning too, and eventually had a stroke. Put on more meds, still ballooning.
    It makes me really sad. I am seeing them for the first time in a while next week. My mum is celebrating her 70th birthday, and with me and my sister it's 150. I don't know whether to preach or just be quiet.

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