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Thread: Wet Dreams of Food

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    Wet Dreams of Food

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    Ever have one of those dreams in which seem so real? And when you wake up you notice that your body has responded accordingly to those dreams? Guys know what I am talking about. Wet dreams are the spice of life for the teenage boy. But, have you ever has a wet food dream?

    Last night I had some weird dreams. In one dream I walked into a cafeteria similar to the one from my school days. Someone had just finished eating and left there tray on the table. But, there was still a good amount of food left over. In fact, it looked like a platter of food for a large group of people. On it was one of my pre-pb meals: Chinese food. It had pecking chicken, sesame chicken, general tao chicken, all breaded, fried, and soaked in a that sweet sugar laden sauce.

    What did I do upon seeing this left over food? Well, I attacked it like an animal that hasn't eaten in days. I ate every piece of chicken on the plate and scooped up all the juice and goo and sucked it all down. Then I noticed an unfinished coke on the table. I polished that off too.

    The funny thing is, unlike normal wet dreams, I did not enjoy the experience. In fact, while eating in my dream I was loathing myself. I felt guilty like I had betrayed myself. I knew better yet I did it anyways. I continued to eat even when I felt worse and worse during the whole ordeal.

    Why would I do such a thing in my dream. I am like the Apostle Paul who said "For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate."

    But, like wet dreams, there was a physical reaction from my body. When I woke I was starving. Could the dream have triggered a shot of insulin in my body? Or did my hunger trigger the dream? Who knows? What I didn't do was eat a bunch of junk to satisfy my "lust" for sweet chicken. What I did do was eat two eggs and sausage and left for work.

    Perhaps my dreams will be better tonight. Maybe, instead of dreaming of Chinese chicken, I'll dream of a Chinese chick wearing a daring red dress. One can only hope.

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    I have actually never had a wet dream. They only happen if you don't masturbate, and I've been whackin' away since I was 11 with nary a break.
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    lmao ! hilarious!

    I had similar dreams when i was a veghead--would dream about downing a plate of chicken nuggets or tenders (my favoreeeet) and would feel incredible guilt in my dream. although sometimes I would be like "Whatever, don't care" then I'd wake up feeling very relieved it was a dream.

    that's great you were able to keep your head! good for you i was never so strong after those dreams, i would go out and buy franken-nuggets lol

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    About a week after I cut out wheat, I had a very vivid dream about buttered rolls. Totally know what you mean about this...

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    similar - after I cut out wheat and sugar, I woke up in the middle of a sweet, gooey, warm cinnamon roll dream. My husband did NOT believe me it was about food! lol
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    During my decade of vegetarianism I had many dreams about steak and fried chicken. I would wake up after pigging out in my dream with a feeling of loathing.

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    I fully believe that the hunger triggers the dream and not the other way around. I went through a period in my life where I ate as few calories as possible. A normal day was 700-1000 calories. I dreamed of cakes and do-nuts every night. I can still remember one particular dream. I woke up knowing that I was starving.

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    I call them food nightmares where I binge in a downward spiral, completely out of control

    oh yeah, they've been mega twinkies, entire pies with coconut and a quart of cream, and other scary stuff.

    I usually wake up freaked out more than anything else
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Oh man, this thread brings me back to my first weeks of primal living. I had a dream that sugar consumption was causing people to become zombies, and that everyone around me was eating sugar. I commonly have zombie apocalypse dreams but never one caused by sugar.

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    in the first few months after I figured out just how sick gluten made me, I had several dreams of sitting down at a table and digging into decadent gluteny treats and then suddenly realizing what I had done. I would wake up in a panic trying to figure out if I should call in sick to work, sure that the gluten would be kicking in soon.

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