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Thread: Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke) - tamed??!!

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    Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke) - tamed??!!

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    I love Jerusalem Artichoke. Delicious flavour. Sadly, they are notorious; they do create gas! I read somewhere that they have a lot of inulin and are a great prebiotic. But - for years they have frightened me as they are so antisocial!

    Last few months I've been having lots of kefir, water kefir, sauekraut and probiotic pills. So, day before yesterday, I cooked some Jerusalem artichokes with roast lamb, and they were divine. And ---they didn't have the dreaded effects!

    Last night I fried some sliced 'chokes in butter to have with my evening meal - no side effects!

    So - it looks as though getting a better range of gut flora might well mean that artichokes are tamed and therefore back in my favourite veg list! I can have my artichoke and smoked salmon soup - and a dauphinois of jerusalem artichoke will be to die for - not from!
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    And you will, of course, post your recipes!

    I had the same experience with garlic. No more "garlic farts" when I eat a few roasted cloves.

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    awesome!!! glad to hear it!

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