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Thread: I just don't give a shit (much) any more.

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    I just don't give a shit (much) any more.

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    Is it just me or the longer you get into this primal lifestyle, the less you care about listening to others bitch, moan and groan about their (self induced) CW caused aliments, latest surgical procedure, latest diet try (and fail), etc? I so fucking tired of listening to people blame their failures at being healthy on everything but their own lack of will power.

    I grind my teeth every time I watch TV and see commercials for the latest diet craze, medication or weight-loss surgical procedure. Or lawyer commercial offering to file a law suit for someone that has taken one of the above.

    I avoid past friends who refuse to do anything to improve their own lives and pretty much the same with relatives.

    My tolerance for modern society has grown less each day that I have been primal, not that I had much tolerance for people before I turned primal.

    Anyone else turning this way?
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    I find that my tolerance for people's problems went down for a while, then back up. But I am much less interested in trying to tell people about the PB or evolutionary health in general. Most people just won't get it no matter how I explain it and I get frustrated because I feel like they always walk away with the wrong impression of what my diet is like, and how I live, no matter what I say.

    But my tolerance for society in general has gone nowhere but downhill since I started living the PB. Every day that goes by convinces me further that the way our society operates is fundamentally incompatible with human beings who are free and complete animals.
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    I can not change anyone. but my success shows in my curvacious bod. take that philadelphia
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    Yes, I hate dealing with people who don't do stuff or fail to change. It doesn't matter what it is, just do the thing that needs doing. If you need to lose weight, stop complaining and follow a program to lose weight. As long as you're making progress or trying, then I'm generally okay with it. If it stops working, then change stuff.

    Personally, I want to lead more and follow less since doing PB. I've lost my tolerance for people who neither lead nor follow. Either 1) come up with a solution or 2) follow someone else's. Don't throw a wrench into things just because you don't like their solution and can't come up with your own.
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    I can't help but have a lot of sympathy for people trying to lose weight on CW approved diets. They inevitably fail and they blame themselves because of a lack of willpower. I've been one of them. Sure, there were times I "cheated" on my WW diet, but it was damn near impossible not to do so. And I believed that it was all my fault for having no self-control and being lazy. And I trusted CW and believed that animal fats would make me fat. It took some reading and a leap of faith for me to try this instead, and I feel pretty fortunate.

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    I've been convinced that society is insane since I was a teenager. I've only learned more examples of it.

    As for the people: Rats in a cage for the most part. Some run on their wheel happily, some run on it not so happily, some fall off, and some look for ways out. It's hard to even start questioning a system when you rely on it for some parts of your life.

    So in regards to Paleo: If you can't cook, and know little about food, and probably are addicted to the boxed stuff in some way, and rely on it for something to get into yourself after work, or in a tiny lunch break filled with errand, then questioning whether that food actually qualifies as food can seem utterly insane. And even if you question it, or know better, you still might not be able to turn that knowledge into change.
    I mostly just feel sorry for the people who are truly stuck.

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    Word! My tolerance for BS has pretty much gone out the window. Plus, I am waaaaaaay more optimistic than I ever have been in my entire life!
    I'm too stubborn to give up so I keep on trying.

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    I guess I can say that I have given up to an extent due to so many people seeing how much weight I lost and how fit I am now and they ask me how did you do it, teach me your secret. I then go on to tell them "I gave up sugar, processed food, grains and started working out". They gasp and say "Oh I can't give up my sodas and my bread" Now I usually just tell people it is hard work and I doubt they would be willing to do it as they sit there eating their rolls, drinking their soda, sitting on there a*@ being overweight, sick and tired while I run races, ride my bike and eat my steak and veggies. :-)

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    I can't say I feel the same as you, that is to say, sanctimonius and superior. I look at fat people and feel compassion because I understand now that it's not their fault, it's not gluttony and sloth. Same for the sick ones. I save my rage for the financially powerful interests who got us into this mess.

    They have a saying in certain 12-step groups that if you have what they want they'll want what you have. Nobody wants what you have if you are a self-righteous pain in the rear.

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    "Canned food is a perversion,' Ignatius said. 'I suspect that it is ultimately very damaging to the soul."
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