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Thread: New to primal, 7 weeks post partum

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    Question New to primal, 7 weeks post partum

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    Hi everyone! I started the primal lifetsyle about 2 weeks ago. I am absolutely in love! I do have a question. I had my beautiful baby girl 7 weeks ago and exclusively breast feeding. I cannot stop crav
    ing and eating chocolate. Which is weird for me bc I have never liked chocolate before. Can this mean my body is telling me it needs something specific? What I eat typically is:
    4 egg omelet with bacon, sausage, tomato, red, yellow, and orange bell pepper.
    Coffee with very little creamer

    3 hard boiled eggs, avocado, tomato, bacon "salad"

    An apple

    Some kind of meat with tons of veggies.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice on why my body is having such an intense craving and how to get rid of it! Thank you guys in advance.

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    CaveGirlEats (awesome blog, check it out!) wrote an article "What Do You Really Want" here:

    Steve's Original: Paleo Kits, Paleo Diet, Zone Diet, Paleo Diets, Gluten Free

    According to her research, chocolate equals magnesium. She recommends nuts and seeds (seasame, pumpkin) or berries.

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    I would suspect you are down on some sort of mineral, are you getting enough calcium? When I have done diet tracking through the Cron-O-Meter program I came up low on calcium eating paleo. The other thought may simply be calories. I've nursed two of my three kids and I could outeat most guys when I was nursing. I did not gain any weight while nursing. I will grant you that my kids were over 21 lbs by six months and 28 lbs by their first birthday. If you have a rapidly growing baby you may be going through a lot more calories than the 'book' says you are. You are also still recuperating from giving birth and that takes calories too. If you do dairy, I would suggest adding cheese and buttering your vegies. Congratulations on you little girl and I hope you are getting enough sleep.


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