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Thread: Pimples!

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    Day 11 and I'm breaking out in small red pimples!

    Anyone else have this happen? I'm assuming it's a 'good' sign... (detox?) though I'm not quite sure. Should I be worried?

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    I found that while eating primally, I too broke out some. It took some experimentation to find that nuts and dairy still make me break out quite bit.

    How much dairy and nuts do you consume?

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    I started eating primal about 2 weeks ago and shortly after starting my skin and hair started getting super oily. My face and back has been breaking out which is very unusual for me. I am with you that it must be a sign of detox! At least I hope.

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    I seem to break out a little from eating bread or possibly other grains. I guess that would indicate it's certain antinutrients that do it for me.

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    I don't have nearly the breakouts now that I'm primal (yeah, I'm 60 and I Still get pimples.) At this point, it seems linked mostly to stress -- I break out about four days before going on a trip. Always. In a prominent place, of course.

    As to your current problem -- it could very well be detox and your "new" diet. Keep a food diary/health diary/complexion diary -- and that will answer your questions better than anything else.
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