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Thread: What to do with soft chicken bone

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    What to do with soft chicken bone

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    I cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker so now I have chicken, stock, vegetables and bones. I know what to do with the stock and chicken but is there something I can do with the bones and veges? The bones are really soft and crumble when you squeeze them. It seems such a shame to throw them out.
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    You can eat them. I do that sometimes. Or you can crush them up and return them to the pot to get more of the goodness into your stock.

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    I eat them. Not all, but I'll have a good feed when the stock is done.
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    You can save them and add them to additional bones to make a fantastic bone broth. We do a three day version in the crock pot. Bone broth is tasty and gives you superior energy. Love it!

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