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Thread: Newbie here, a bit confused =/

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    Newbie here, a bit confused =/

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    Hey all,

    I've only been primal for 2 days, and i plan to be very strict and keep to the no grain and bread and no processed bad stuff policy

    However one thing that bothers me slightly, i've been lifting heavy things in moderation as is reccomended and going for long walks and stuff like that but the thing that im confused by is...

    If im using the primal diet to lose weight, is it still advisable to eat high protein/fat with low carbs as ive seen a few people mention that the high fat plan that comes with eating primal is not ideal if weight loss is desired.

    Any help would be much appreciated and sorry in advance if this info is posted somewhere else, (i did check but i might have over looked)



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    if ur going by the recommendations, which is lifting heavy once a week ur fine. since ur tryin to lose weight, id say stick to the recommendation for a lil while see how u feel after a few weeks. when i was strickly PB i did about 60-75 carbs but it really wasnt great for me. i wasnt tryin to lose weight neither, so i went up to 100ish felt much better, performance wise. GL with ur new journey.
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    I have eaten lots of fat in the last 5 months, and I have lost nearly 40 pounds! The day my weightloss stalls before goal I'll start worrying about fat. Until then, everything is working well for me.

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    I have lost 30 lbs in the past 12 weeks and my diet is consistetly 60-70% fat. I wouldn't worry about it unless you are trying to lose the proverbial last 10 pounds. Also my workouts have been a joke the last three months so you should already be a step ahead of me.

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    In the beginning, you should be able to lose with higher fat .... especially if you have a lot to lose. Go with that as long as it continues to work for you.

    Later, you may get to the point where you might need to lower your fat intake (temporarily) in order to get off that final 15. But I wouldn't worry about crossing that bridge until you come to it.

    What my food was like in the beginning and what it is like now are two very different things.
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