Hi to everyone

I've finally decided to take the plunge and return to my ancestors' way of eating - heck, if they could survive on it all those thousands of years ago, it couldn't have been all that bad

However, I've got some queries; like a number of my distant (and not so distant) family members, I am a Type I Diabetic (diagnosed in 1963 when I was 2 years old), but at least I'm lucky enough to live in a time when the condition can be brought under control. I've always been very well controlled, even after struggling to conform to a gluten-free diet, which I had to 'convert' to 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease - at least the PB diet shouldn't cause me any problems in that direction! What I need to know from any of my fellow Type I's out there is how they approached lowering their insulin and carbohydrate intake.

I want to lose approximately 20lbs and do it in a sensible way and that's why I'm going Primal

Thanks in advance for any advice - it's very much appreciated.