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Thread: Actos side effects

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    Actos side effects

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    Unwanted Effects of Actos * for that Consumer


    Almost all drugs could cause unwanted effects, even so, many people have no, or perhaps small negative effects. Check with your personal doctor in the event that these kind of most popular unwanted side effects remain or perhaps become frustrating whenever using Actos:

    Cold-like signs and symptoms head ache muscles cramps nasal soreness a sore throat excess weight.

    Seek out medical help immediately if these types of SEVERE negative effects take place when you use Actos:

    Severe hypersensitive replies (break outs hives itchiness lack of breath rigidity within the upper body bloating from the oral cavity, face, lip area, or language) blurred eyesight or other vision modifications inflammation through the arms, shins, or even feet signs and symptoms of heart failure (such as, breathlessness unexpected, inexplicable putting on weight) symptoms of liver issues (such as, darkish pee belly soreness mysterious nausea or vomiting, sickness, or not enough appetite discoloring on the skin as well as eyes) indications of minimal system sweets (eg, stress and anxiety chills, elevated craving for food, headache improved faintness or perhaps drowsiness tremors) strange navicular bone pain unusual low energy or perhaps weak spot.

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    Your forgot to mention BLADDER CANCER ! ! !

    Class Action Lawsuit in progress !


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