So I have been mostly primal for a few years now and have had great results. At the same time I have seen friends achieve excellent weightloss results using Vegan or similar approaches. Being open minded, i try to question everything if given a chance and having seen people successful with vegan plans and primal/paleo plans despite their radical differences I began to wonder how this happened.

After reading up on Veganism it seems that the common denominator is simply decreased fructose in the diet. In terms of weight regulation not necessarily muscle composition it seems that Fructose may be the driving factor. If you look at the China study what do all the slimmer countries have in common? Low fructose, they may be higher carb as is asian countries emphasizing rice but the fructose is low in nearly all cases. This seems to fit the French paradox as their carbs tend to be in grain form and not overly reliant on fructose. This also seems to explain the global epidemic as when exposed to western food they receive more and more glucose. Regardless to whether a country was lean based on higher fat or carbohydrate diets, the increase of fructose seems to be cause of the problems as it hormonally signals more fat storage than a similar amount of glucose. Any thoughts on this theory?