Excuse my silly French attempt in title. I was looking for something I could bake while dog walking. I browsed through the PB Cookbook and saw the broccoli quiche recipe, but had no broccoli. I did however have some amazing CSA spinach and some nitrate free bacon that needed to be cooked, and some raw milk gruyere left from a dinner party.

I used a ceramic quiche pan but a pie plate would work as well. It's very simple.

Steam 4 cups raw spinach. It reduces in volume by half. Set aside to drain and cool.
Cook 4 slices bacon until almost crisp. They get soft in the baking process.
Grate gruyere or Swiss cheese.
Whisk together 6 eggs
Add 1 1/2 c. Heavy cream
Optionally add some white pepper and onion powder.
When bacon is cool, crumble or cut up into small bits.

Spray quiche pan with coconut oil spray or use butter and grease it well.
Add crumbled bacon and cheese to egg mixture.

Spread spinach on bottom of baking dish and pour egg mixture over the top. I found this to be easler than trying to mix it in a bowl. I just used my fingers to mix it. Spinach wants to stay in clumps, I have discovered.

Bake at 425 F. for 20 minutes. I did mine in a convection oven, and it was perfect after that length of time with all ingredients essentially at room temperature.

Served with sliced heirlooms from garden and topped with home cultured creme fraiche.I make mine using Trader Joes heavy cream and Knudson buttermilk in a yogurt maker. I have had good results with that method. The neat thing about cream fraiche is it is higher fat than whole milk sour cream, sweeter, and great on both savory dishes as well as baked fruit and tuberous veggies like sweets, or pumpkins and acorn squashes.

I also have combined the Mexican sour cream and heavy sweet cream in jars to do this but have not done so in a really long time so am not sure of those ingredients. I usually get Karoun brand if I buy Mexican cheeses. It's under the Queso del Valle section:

Bon apetit!