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Thread: Learning to maintain weight not easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashtime View Post
    I am also having problems maintaining my weight. I lost 15lbs total from working out 5 times a week, and just eating Primal foods, but not strictly via the primal blueprint. I have been properly primal for a week, and weighed myself today and have gained 2lbs or so. I think its muscle but i'm just worried that its fat, despite keeping track of all my macronutrient ratios and total calroies. Any help ?
    Hang in there. It takes time.

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    trob1234, do you think your metabolism might be a bit fried? With your history of eating quite low calories, I think it might be a possibility. If you are finding that you are eating less than you calculate you need to to maintain, and are not losing, or even gaining, your metabolism might be a bit wrecked from the dieting. I'm trying out LeanGains at the moment, and I have been advised to increase my calories slowly, say 100 extra cals each day, in weekly increments of +100 cals. So I should go from 1400/day (on workout days) to 1500/WO days for a week, then 1600 for a week until I reach a higher equilibrium.

    Also, any excess carbs will store water. You can easily gain a few pounds by eating some extra carbs here and there. I find this sort of water retention goes away in a couple of days. this can also happen with nitrates in bacon, ham etc.
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    You look great, congratulations.
    But IMHO, I may lean with your Hubby, you may be just a bit close to the low end.

    Remember what you have achieved, you now know you can do it, you've climbed that mountain, you know what you can do.
    You weren't eating well when you gained all that weight, so i think it is highly unlikely you will go back there while eating Primal.
    As already suggested, if you can relax a little bit you may actually find your sweet spot more at the 126-128 mark.

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    To all the ladies: our weight fluctuates. It happens for many reasons. But fluctuating 5-6lbs up or down around your normal weight happens. As long as you haven't changed how you eat and you are still doing your normal workouts, don't worry about it. A great deal of it is due to hormone changes.
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    I say this as nicely as possible, do you guys understand that low stress is part of primal? Stop worrying so much. THAT is much more counterproductive than your weight deviating by a couple pounds. As Lloyd Dobler says in Say Anything "YOU MUST CHILL!".

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