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Thread: Primal In Japan?

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    Primal In Japan?

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    Hi Ive posted a few times here before but I have a totally different question now. Im leaving for basic training in the Air Force at the end of this month. My wife got in a few months before I did because we decided to join together and now shes in school. She got her assignment and shes being sent to Yakota base in Tokyo, Japan. This means Ill be going there once I finish school, but I had planned on being totally primal after basic. Im not sure on the agriculture of Japan though and how easy that will be. I know Im going to be eating a lot of fish but I am totally lost on finding nice organic produce there. Didnt know if anyone had any experience or knowledge on such a thing. All responses are appreciated. Thank you!

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    JPGrok lives in Hokkaido and I know of at least two other people. Check out his journal in the journal section.

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    Alright, thank you!

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