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Thread: HOW LONG did it take you to fully convert to paleo diet?

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    HOW LONG did it take you to fully convert to paleo diet?

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    For the past 2.5 weeks I have been attempting the PB diet and while some days have been very successful, some days I also find myself with intense cravings for carbs.

    Before coming across this site, my daily carb intake was probably between 250-300 grams.

    How long did it take your body to adjust to this new lifestyle without having to revert to your old tendencies?

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    I was good by week 3, by week 6 I couldn't see myself ever going back to my old ways.

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    A couple of weeks, but some little temptation popped up now and then for months, usually after a drink. After that like Glamorama said, can't picture going back.
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    Right now I'm in the middle of Whole 30, which is more paleo than primal, and I'm seriously missing my super-dark chocolate and red wine (both are sensible indulgences on TPB, but aren't part of Whole 30). But other than that, I'm fine. I've been primal since mid-August, and because my energy and mood showed such immediate improvement, I was on board with TPB pretty much from the beginning. Haven't looked back.

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    It took me one day, because I am a winner and when I set out to do something, I do it. I don't frolic and lilly gaggy squabble.

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    by week 4 i wasn't having cravings, but didn't trust myself around stuff. So I milatantly avoided foods. Once you get in the mind set afterthat (8 weeks) non of the normal stuff feel appitizing anymore
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    I'm in week 6. Weeks 4-5 were hardest due to electrolyte issues. I think I am coming around and feeling normal again. Gotta build my strength back up. Hardest adjustment has been doing a lot of cooking, washing a lot of greasy dishes and remembering to take something out of the freezer to thaw before going to work.

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    How strict you are and how poorly/well you ate before are huge factors in how you handle it.

    I came from a diet extremely high in sugar, which I'd somehow survived on my whole life, so the transition was a litle bit of a shock to my system. And since I'm not one to follow any strict plan or way of doing damn near anything, I half-assed it for a few months and it kind of took its toll (a few week-or-more periods of going completely off the rails really messed me up). So May to August was pretty rocky for me.

    At the beginning of September I got my shit together and I've eaten virtually nothing I'd consider a "cheat". Zero gluten, virtually zero added sugar (eating out a couple times, I think I encountered a tiny bit, but that's pretty negligible). My desire for sweets is basically nonexistent now and you have no idea how amazing it feels to no longer carry that burden.

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    I'm just starting week two, and I'm not sure how militant I want to be about everything. I definitely want to get some enjoyment from the foods I eat and I enjoy sweets, but if I cut those back significantly and try to have my sweets be things like dark chocolate or egg-based custards instead of cookies and pies, then I think I'll be OK. it's been pretty good so far. Definite carb cravings, but I'm already feeling better and seeing differences in the mirror. It's worth it. Especially when you think about what exactly you're missing when you cut out carbs...which is nothing.
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    I did fine from the start but I'd already given up sugar years ago. I think that made it easier.

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