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Thread: Does fermented cod-liver oil taste really, really bad? page

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    Does fermented cod-liver oil taste really, really bad?

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    I'm thinking of splurging on some "Blue Ice High-Vitamin Fermented Cod Liver Oil" from Green Pastures as recommended on the Westin Price website. I'm pretty sure it's got to be worth the extra price (having researched manufacturing techniques) but my question is, just how BAD does it taste? Anyone which any experience...

    should I go for capsules or gel? Flavoured or plain?

    I'd like to get the plain, gel.. .as I feel it will be the strongest, but maybe capsules would be better to swallow. I don't like strong flavors... but then, i'm afraid that I'll loose some of the nutrient effects.


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    I've done the capsules. But my friend has done the straight stuff, and she says it was some of the most horrendous strong stuff she has ever tasted. It made her sick, and she can't ever get rid of the experience in her mind of the over-powering taste.

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    I got the citrus flavored one years ago. I hated it - tried every trick I could think of to choke it down - but never found a good way. I ended up throwing most of it away. I am very sensitive to strong tastes though, so you may have less trouble.

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    I hated every flavor so I just used capsules until I tried the cinnamon FCLO/BO combo. I think it tastes fine and just wash it down with water.

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    I actually quite like the peppermint flavor. I mix mine with green pastures unflavored butter oil, a little raw local honey, and a smidge of coconut oil, and it tastes like a peppermint dessert This is the only way my 2 year old will take it, I just call it honey when giving it to him.

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    Its awful. After the 2nd day of trying to choke it down I came down with a really bad case of food poisoning (not from the cod liver oil), now just the smell makes me want to vomit. I now get the capsules with butter oil blend and they go down real easy.

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    it's really, really fishy. If you like kippers & sardines & mackerals, you'll like it. My partner takes it straight; I mix it with a bit of warm water. If you don't like oily fishy fish, then get the capsules--that's what we feed the kids.

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    I've never tried it but by the sound of it it going to be one of the foulest things to be ever eaten. Fermented Cod Liver Oil, disgusting!

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    I actually really like the cinnamon gel (fermented cod liver/butter oil)....all you taste is the cinnamon.
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    It was bad at first, but now I take it straight without any problems. I would not recommend the Oslo Orange, which I don't think they make anymore. There was zero orange taste. The Mint and Cinnamon liquids are what I currently take and they both are fine.

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