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Thread: Please help me find affordable salmon packets/pouches

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    Please help me find affordable salmon packets/pouches

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    I travel a lot for work and I'm tryin to find a good value for bulk salmon packets. I haven't been able to find a brand that tastes good and is affordable, despite searching this forum and Google.

    I'm looking for wild, red salmon in packets with skin and/or bones. No additives if possible. There are some at the store (Bumblebee) but they are dry and flavorless. Also, I found some organic ones, but they were $18/per pound, canned!

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    Does it have to be in packets? A number of canned Salmon brands have pull tabs (i.e. you don't need to carry a can opener). Rubinstein's Canned Red Salmon is a favorite of mine and the only ingredients are: Salmon, salt. It's carried by Whole Foods and Stop & Shop and costs less than the same size can of Red Salmon from BumbleBee.

    I don't have any packet recommendations. To date every packet I've tried (salmon, tuna, etc.) has been insanely bland or comes in a 'sauce' that has sugar and other undesirable ingredients.

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