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Thread: About workout meals

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    About workout meals

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    I think I have a pretty good idea what I should be normally eating during the day, but I'm a bit confused about post/pre workout meals if the goal is to maximize protein synthesis. In particular this article: T NATION | Top 10 Post Workout Nutrition Myths has raised a lot of questions.

    1) How important is pre workout meal? According to the arcticle very important, but what's your take on this? What should the pre workout meal contain? Just protein shake?

    2) Is it bad to consume fat during pre/post workout meals?

    3) Is it bad to consume carbs before/during workout?

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    1. I prefer to w/o fasted....if I'm doing heavy weights, I have BCAA's beforehand. I don't think a pre-workout meal is necessary in the least and should be determined on a person by person basis.

    2. I wouldn't consume fats in the pre/post workout meals, because this is when you want to get your carbs in, and if your goal is to lean out, combining carbs and fat isn't ideal.

    3. No, this is when you should consume carbs-before and after working out.
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