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Thread: Parse this diet change for me, soda to apple juice

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    Parse this diet change for me, soda to apple juice

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    Way back when, one of my professors commented that he lost about 15lbs in a month making no lifestyle changes except drinking a bottle of apple juice instead of a can of soda at the times when he used to drink a can of soda. Best of my recollection, it was a change from 3 cans of soda a day to 3 bottles of apple juice (real juice, not a 'juice drink').

    The calories were greater in the apple juice, the carb counts were about the same.

    So now I'm wondering what might've been going on from a hormones/primal perspective.


    (ETA: as a thinking exercise, not with a view towards lifestyle changes.)
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    Maybe there's more nutritional value in apple juice. But I bet his liver is still outta whack. Way to much sugar in both cases. He was better off at least eating the apples. No fiber content in juice to slow the sugar spikes.
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    Doen't make sense to me. I've always considered apple juice to be sugar water.

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    A while ago, some guy made the news by losing a ton of weight (30 pounds, IFRC) eating only junk food like Twinkies.

    Losing weight and getting healthy are two separate goals.

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    Obviously. It was just so clearly a counter-example to the calories in/calories out nonsense, that I thought maybe something else was going on.

    Ah, found it. Although they're pretty close in fructose levels, the apple juice is only a quarter as inflammatory.

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    interesting ... i still say water is all we need .. and is free!

    i have yet to find someone that didnt get used to it and love it within a week
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    Maybe the apple juice made him less hungry and thus he (unknowingly) ate less at meals and/or snacked less?
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    I wonder if the soda was caffeinated. I know caffeine has an effect on my insulin levels.

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