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    Wheat Belly

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    Sums up reasons not to eat wheat from LifeExtension's website.

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    I've read Wheat Belly (liked it a lot) and that article is a pretty fair summation.

    It's nice when something is given fair coverage without the usual "but of course, you'll still need healthy whole grains - everything in moderation" disclaimer.
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    Nice. Another link to send to my diabetic mom. Yes, I preach at her. No, I don't think it's doing any good. No, I'm not going to stop.

    My dad needs to start lifting weights, too.

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    Resurrecting an old thread.
    I had a look at the Wheat Belly blog, and found some concerning things. They tend to scare people away from fruits and are strongly advocating for something like 15g of "net-carbs" per meal. I just wrote a comment to a blog post called

    "What's wrong with that banana ?" : What's wrong with that banana? | Wheat Belly Blog

    I mean: I get the message that wheat is crap, I have not eaten wheat for ages now and feel great! A feat for a non-celiac French I tell you! But fruits ??? what ?? Wouldn't all these folks asking whether they can eat a banana be better served by following something like the Jaminet's PHD ? Why the Wheat Belly fans strongly advocate for a borderline ketogenic diet ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrenchFry View Post
    Why the Wheat Belly fans strongly advocate for a borderline ketogenic diet ??
    Probably just a case of target audience. The author is addressing obese folks who never thought about nutrition much. The US is full of gluten-free traps right now (fried snacks and desserts) so I can see how "no wheat" is incomplete advice, but I agree the author is a little too strident in restricting wholesome carbohydrate.

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    Wheat Belly is a good book. However, the dietary recommendations puts it in the slot of the low sugar/low starch/low GI diets that are trying to break the metabolic abnormalities. For these diets, bananas are a huge no-no, because of the bananas unique combination of sugar and starch (it is like a nature's sugary cereal). This is the reason bananas are connected to the weight gain around the middle in so many diets/sources.
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    Hm. Probably time for me to start laying off the bananas.


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