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Thread: am i the only one that avoids "psudo" carbs? IE : almond flour etc?

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    am i the only one that avoids "psudo" carbs? IE : almond flour etc?

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    when i was vegetarian for years i wouldnt eat the fake meat .. just didnt seem right .. i felt like i might as well just go ahead and have the meat then, and it would never have been the same anyways ..

    when i went primal i was interested in things like almond flour, tapioca flour, etc .. but didnt go for it because i didnt want to fool myself with almost carbs, and i was trying to keep the cost down on the transition .. i wanted to train my mind and body to not desire them at all .. now, i have no desire for bread, muffins, cakes, etc that i could make with the different flours etc .. and i dont see myself tryin them any time soon.. im perfectly happy with meat/veggies/fruit which i think is one of the reasons i have had such success .. when i hit goal weight i may have the occasional sweet potato but i think thats as far as it will go .. i dont desire pasta etc more than i desire to keep my body weight down etc .. (this is coming from an italian boy, talk about comin a LONG way!)

    am i the only one? just curious..
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    I am exactly the same. Was a vegetarian for years and came to the same conclusion pretty quickly. I think each "style" (for lack of a better word) of eating has its own foods, and making fake replacements for the things you are opting to not eat is basically saying I wish I could still have....

    I do use Stevia as a sweetener, but I don't count that, because for me, I could actually grow the plant myself and harvest the leaves and make the sweetener, I just choose not to.

    So I do make things that I would consider a dessert, on rare occasions, but not at all like what I would have done before going primal.

    No cakes, muffins, pancakes, bread, pasta, and I don't miss it. But that is just me.
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    The only primal baking I've done was a cheesecake with a nut flour crust for my birthday. In general I just don't see that stuff as being good nutrition.

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    jeezus i was really beginning to wonder about that myself! As i am one of the worst bakers in the whole world, i never baked anyway, all my grains came already prepared from the store. Then i kicked grains to the curb. Then i got a gluten free cookbook that had almond flour in almost everything, it seemed like! I was going to try some of the recipes, then I found out how expensive almond flour is! Never tried any of those recipes. And all my attempts at "oopsie" bread or whatever were total failures. I still have a bunch of flaxseed something that i need to figure out what to do with.

    All these gluten free muffins n stuff - they do really seem like tofurky, now that you mention it!

    stevia seems wierd to me, but i guess it's a plant, so it's ok. I don't seem to need sweetener in anything. I have honey but i eat it like medicine - a tbs in the AM when i remember. It seemed to help keep the seasonal allergies at bay.

    i was big on pasta for awhile in my recent past (i'm a cyclist, it seems to go with the territory) but since it really wasn't something i grew up (rice is the carb of choice in SE Tx), i found pasta pretty ez to kick to the curb. Rice is pretty ez to give up too b/c i realize now what a hassle it was to cook. And i was only using it to stretch meals out. Like my comfort food of tex mex beans/rice/meat mix was really heavy on rice. And tortillas. I feel better without them! And i don't even want to bother with their ersatz fakes.

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    I do for myself, they're just too tempting and I'll fill up on them instead of more healthy options.

    I do make coconut flour pancakes for the girls, because they're kids so we have picky days, and they're mostly eggs, anyways.

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    I don't do any "primal substitute" stuff. I have made almond flour pancakes twice in over a year of eating this way. I just don't see how large quantities of nut flours could possibly be primal, especially when heated that way. I do use coconut aminos as a substitute for soy sauce, but not all that regularly.

    I like the "Whole 30" idea of not forcing your old diet into a primal mold. If I really feeling like eating something non-primal, I just eat it.

    ETA: I am also quite lazy, so it could just be that I never get around to making all those primal "treats"

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    I don't do substitutes either!!
    But I do allow myself the real stuff every now and again.
    I don't think the fake stuff tastes good, so what's the point. And this Primal thing is supposed to be about REAL food (IMO) which is why I also don't use protein powders. I like whole foods with the rare, amazing, treat made with real cream, sugar, butter, and white flour.

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    I do some of the substitution stuff, but not because I'm missing pasta or rice (because I don't), but to get some variety. The boyfriend can't tolerate all vegetables (lettuce is the worse) and doesn't really like many vegetables, so I've been trying different things with the veggies we do get to have more fun and be able to enjoy what we eat. E.g., I've done butternut squash lasagna, zucchini pasta, spaghetti squash... but no baking yet.
    I might have to, since the boyfriend seems to have a loooong carb flu, and keeps missing the sweets (and trying to tempt me into going crazy on friday nights, lol).
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    I haven't done any of the pseudo carbs, either. I'm not sure how to make those kinds of foods. My cooking skills pretty much start and stop with a frying pan.

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    yeah, i don't use those things. we do have ground almonds that we use to "crumb" our fish.

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