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    Need your advice again, please!

    I'm not supposed to IF (as per my ND, and frankly I dont want to...I love to eat!) but I want the bennies So, sometimes I skip lunch or dinner- but find myself ravenous next mealtime & tend to overeat. I need to lose fat (am trying the Kelly Korg protocal in the PB)so I thought this might help (am eating less food as a result)

    Any suggestions as to why I get so hungry? Been doing the PB for 3 mos, and do the exercises too (HIIT once a week, heavy lifitng 2-3x, low key cardio on other days) if that counts


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    The hunger hormone ghrelin adapts to your habitual meal pattern, meaning you tend to get hungry on the times you normally eat.

    A few days of adaptation may be required. And this varies between individuals, as some people find fasting easy from the get go, while others require a few days for the transition to the new meal pattern to be complete (meaning the fasting will become more or less effortless).

    As for IF, just try to do 14 hours a few times a week. stop eating at 8:00 PM, break the fast at 10:00 AM, you'll get all the benefits that you would from an Eat-Stop-Eat or Warrior Diet approach.

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    If you are trying to fast on top of dieting, you are likely taking your calories way too low. IF is meant to fit into a normal eating pattern. It can be used for weight loss, but your fasts will comprise your entire calorie deficit for the week (assuming 2x24hour) you should not try to diet on the other days. If you are already dieting and then take your calories even lower a couple days with a fast, your average calories could be too low.

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    Why does your ND ban fasting?

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    thanks everyone- I like enriquegp's suggestion of the 8 pm- 10am IF. Now that I can handle!

    Sue- I will check & post back here, I forget her reasoning. It might be specific to me (but ok for others)

    thanks again!

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