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Thread: Attention Australian Groks! ALDI Brannans Butchery new grass fed beef?

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    Lightbulb Attention Australian Groks! ALDI Brannans Butchery new grass fed beef?

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    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if you guys knew anything about Brannans Butchery grass fed beef that has appeared out of no where recently at ALDI?
    It comes in airtight packaging and says grass fed on the label.
    I'm excited it's come out but I usually don't buy grass fed beef unless I've got more information on the product ( like a website), which I can't seem to find anything that has to do with Brannans Butchery, online at least.

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    Someone else men tied this in SophieE's Oz-post. Aldi stocks an award-winning boutique honey too, so they do have some good stuff. I plan on trying this next time I go in for my monthly nappy-buy.

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    Ah yes I found the post from SophieE, thanks! I'll try it too

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    You won't find any information on Brannans Butchery because it's not an actual farm/butchery. It's an Aldi registered label for their product. It's probably sourced from a variety of different places but the only way to find out would be to contact Aldi direct.

    Also, a lot of beef in Australia is grass fed without it being labelled or overpriced. For instance the beef mince I get from local butcher is 4.99/kg and grass fed. It doesn't have a fancy label but I trust my butcher as he will happily point out what meat comes from where.

    Slightly off topic but I got organic chicken thighs for $5/kg at Coles today. I find they are often on sale because they are not a big seller.
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    At $25/kg for scotch fillet, the Brannan's grass-fed is about par for price.

    It is also the case that almost all of our meat is pasture raised but grain fed on the way to market (there are some massive feedlots in Qld) or during drought. I trust that the Aldi grass-fed meat hasn't been grain fed at all.

    Aldi has a reputation for quality food at good prices. My brother works at a food processing plant and says the Aldi tomato sauce is much better quality than the other brands they supply. Not that I'd recommend any tomato sauce
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    Aldi have quite a lot of great stuff. Their chocolate (cheat days only!) is amazing AND cheap
    (it's all german), their fruit and veg is REAL stuff, i.e. not all the same shape and size like
    they are in the other Supermarkets. (It looks like fruit and veg did when I was a kid)
    And their meat pies (again, cheat days!) are 6 for $3.60 and are better than all the other
    name-brands out there (not that that would be difficult).
    Their snow gear which comes up now and then is also really good value - esp. if you
    need to deck out a few kids for a short season.

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