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Thread: Hotel hell... what to eat?

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    Hotel hell... what to eat?

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    Im in a bit of a paleo-bind. I just moved to a hotel probably till spring. My kitchen is a dorm fridge, microwave and crock-pot. My dishes are two cast iron pants and a spatula. My food budget for TWO adults is $25 a week max.

    Any wizards out there know how we can eat decent on this budget with these limitations? I have a camp stove I can fire up if need be for cooking outside of the microwave. Bulk meals are iffy because of no storage space in the fridge. I have been here a week and eaten more sandwiches than I have in the last year.

    All I can come up with is rice, eggs and maybe a chicken cooked in the crockpot/roaster then deboned.

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    Microwave steamed vegetables? You can get some ground beef and make a hash with some sweet potatoes and onions. Chicken thighs can be had could sautee some of those on the camp stove one night and have those for a few days.

    The good news is that with whole foods your limited $ will go further. You already mentioned eggs...that is a great start on the cheap side. You are going to have to be extraordinarily thrifty to feed two on that budget. Offal can be had for free to dirt cheap...maybe there are some crock pot options there. I'm not very crock pot saavy, but it strikes me as a reasonable thing for beef heart if you had the right recipe.

    That is a tough set of requirements.

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    If you're eating sandwiches - buy a head of lettuce and use that instead of bread.

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    Man, $12.50 a week is tight. I would go for sardines. Cheap as it gets and packed with nutrients. Tplank's right that liver and other organs can be a great value. I expect you'll have to rely on safe carbs like white rice or tubers just to keep the calories up. Good luck.

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    Make bone broth in the crockpot with the chicken carcass, and make friends with the butcher at the store-you can probably score some free marrow bones. Bone broth is super nutritious.
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    For that amount of money I think you may need to consider adding beans and rice in to your diet. Dried beans are dirt cheap and can be soaked overnight at room temp to neutralize toxins. You can then cook in the crockpot. White rice can go in the microwave.

    If you can go wheat free during this time I think you would be doing fine. I don't know where you live, but where I am 12.50 a week would not be remotely feasible unless you lived on beans, rice, eggs, and frozen veggies. Maybe some chicken necks and thighs thrown in once a week for protein.

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    All I can come up with is rice, eggs and maybe a chicken cooked in the crockpot/roaster then deboned
    Lots of eggs, maybe add a can of salmon once a week.

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    Luckily things will only be this tight for 3 weeks. Im 6'2 230lbs so keeping up calories is going to be an issue for sure. Maybe I should consider eating some of the dogs food :-)

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    tuna fish runs about 70c a can here, and bananas are usually 60c/lb. Last week i was able to score avocados 3/$1. Best advice: pay attention to the weekly circulars and buy what's on super sale. Try shopping at your local dollar store, too. I know it's not optimal, but sometimes they sell milk. It would at least help you get your fat & calories in.
    Oh and I an get 5 & 1/2 dozen eggs for $4 at Winco. Eggs are usually pretty cheap.
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    Im in northern Montana nowhere near a shipping lane so foods are generally more expensive than elsewhere. I do have some cans of tuna, think I paid $1.50 each for them. I'll figure something out and when I do I'll be sure to post up! Thanks everybody

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