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Thread: My DH's classes on nutrition in the police academy...

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    My DH's classes on nutrition in the police academy...

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    ...are AWESOME! He started the academy on Monday, and told me that his first class segment is on officer nutrition and general health/wellness. I thought, oh great, another place for my already-skeptical hubby to hear about how awesome whole grains are, and how terrible fat is.

    I couldn't have been more wrong! The sergeant teaching the class sounds like he eats primal (he even mentioned RAW MILK!), he keeps emphasizing that they need to eat animal fat because veggie oil is terrible, avoid gluten and HFCS, the majority of your meals should be meat, eggs, veggies, and fruit. He doesn't say to totally avoid grains/carbs, especially for my ultra skinny hubby who needs to eat a lot of EVERYTHING, but I have to say I am SO glad DH is hearing this stuff from someone other than his crazy hippie wife! Oh, and DH mentioned that I have celiac, and the instructor said "oh, I bet she's allergic to like everything, right". Hallelujah, he may actually BELIEVE me now!

    With me packing his lunches/breakfasts/making dinner every night, DH has been about 60/40 primal for the last few days, working on moving toward 80/20 with lots of potatoes. I have to figure out an easy, quick to eat, portable breakfast to send with him that's full of protein, calories, and carbs, not too heavy. I have been packing clif bars, which I am not happy with but he hates the texture of larabars.

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    whoot congrats!! Egg cups are awesome...I've got big muffin tins that hold 3eggs + sausage, veggies and cheese... you can bake up some bacon - and send it w/him or you could make hard boiled eggs - and make it into egg, avocado, tomato and bacon salad (make it like you would egg salad only add all of those ingredients to the mix!)
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    I make my own "granola" with is grain free (nuts, seeds, a bit of dried fruit, some whey powder, flaxmeal,a tad of honey and coconut oil to hold it together, bake to golden) then I make breakfast bars out of it. For my non-primal DH (it is primal though, I just don't tell him).

    Mostly used recipe ideas from google searches. Good luck.
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    He should eat tuna!

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    If you haven't seen this site yet, check it out. Some of my favorite recipes. We make the pizza meat loafs about every other week. They're similar to the egg cups in that they're cooked in cupcake pans so they're easy to bring with:
    Health-Bent | Paleo Mini Pizza Meatloaf

    For fat & carbs, a really easy one is a smoothie. Full fat Greek Yogurt, Full fat coconut milk, ice, banana and organic, frozen, wild blueberries from Trader Joe's (maybe a little vanilla extract).

    Another one for for fat & carbs, try making French fries, "shallow fried" in coconut oil (or deep fried if you can afford to use that much coconut oil). They're easy to just put in a bag with salt and pepper and bring with or eat on the way to work. On days that I exercise I try to eat a bunch of potatoes and fruit and have found it really increases my endurance - it may or may not work for others, only one way to find out.

    For protein, scrambled eggs in Tupperware. I know that's not the ideal solution but it's ideal protein.

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