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Thread: Butt wink/tuck during squatting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctiluca View Post
    One thing about letting your feet point outwards though is that you lose a SIGNIFICANT amount of power. You take a lot of the hip muscles out of the equation. If keeping your feet pointed forward hurts or stresses something then you need to be working on your mobility for that area. Correct form for a strong and powerful squat is toes forward, knees wide and keep your butt back so your knees stay behind your toes.
    Keeping the knees in-line with the feet minimizes lateral torque on the knees and ankles, a type of force they are not designed to bear. The pain is because it's genuinely not good for the system, not because the person experiencing it needs mobility work. I also fail to see how a toes forward position increases power -- opening the toes allows the hips to open more easily, allowing you to access the adductors effectively, and that increases power. Glutes are worked any way you squat, and hamstring activation is optimized by the low-bar position and proper depth (which is aided by the wider stance). What muscles are added by turning the toes forward?

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    Toes forward discourages hyper-extension of the knees.
    A)When we point our toes outward any more than 5-10 degrees, we can create the illusion to ourselves that we are spreading the knees and/or tracking inside the feet when we're actually not.
    B) Creation of torque from top of motion to bottom. Stand straight with feet/toes straight and try to harness a lot of torque from external hip rotation, driving your feet into the ground, then do it with feet pointed out. There's a lot less power/stability in the 2nd position. It's like doing a pushup with your hands angled outward. Don't work.

    Spreading the knees is the biggest part of gaining positive range, though. When we reach that point of no buttwink return it is the only effective and safe option, and buttwink IS dangerous; it's sacral flexion under heavy load.
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