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Thread: Silly newbie asking silly question. Why am I so tired?

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    Silly newbie asking silly question. Why am I so tired?

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    Hi there primal play-pals!
    I've been dabbling in primal living for the last two months (I'd say about 90% compliant diet-wise with the occasional "ohmygodIgottaeatthischeesecake!!!" moment of weakness.
    I've never eaten poorly per se, just typical low fat, lots of protein, oatmeal every morning blahblahblah. I've always hovered around 125 (I'm 5'4.5) and have always been very fit (4 mile trail runs/hikes daily).
    All this has fallen off sharply now that I've "gone paleo", I find that I barely have the energy to get through my work day let alone a grueling post-work hike with the dogs.
    What gives?
    Typical breakfast - black espresso, some bacon (5-6 pieces) if I feel like it.
    Lunch- some sort of veggies cooked in olive or coconut oil (cauliflower, broccoli, spinach etc) with some meat (today it was 3 chicken thighs)
    Snack- grapefruit
    Dinner- more meat and veggies, sometimes a few nuts (8?) to tide me over.
    I eat till I'm full and never let myself get hungry (I'm working on this...) but my energy has really plummeted. I know that not exercising is sort of a vicious cycle, but trail running is something that used to be the absolute high point of my day, now I can barely force myself to do it. I'm lethargic, my dogs are pissed. Help!
    Any suggestions oh great all-knowing paleo-peeps?
    Oh, and in this time my weight is up to 132lbs and I'm for sure "squishier", likely due to my total inability to do anything athletic besides run around a hospital all day at work.
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    This sounds like it could be a classic case of the Carb Flu. There are several threads about it here. An archive search will get you started.

    If it doesn't resolve on its own then I would explore the idea that you need to eat a few more carbs from good paleo sources such as sweet potatoes, winter squashes, parsnips, etc. Different people respond differently to lowering carbs and your diet does sound pretty VLC.
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    You can eat carbs when primal if your activity-levels requires it. Sweet potato, some carrot and a bit of white rise or banana is okay.

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    Eat some starch. 100-150g per day is fine for sedentary folks, and if you're active you can definitely raise that. Bananas, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yams, white rice, taro.... And yes, I know bananas aren't exactly starchy but they'll do just as well

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    You will be ok, we support you 148%

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    Sounds like you're pretty active-primal isn't necessarily a low carb lifestyle. Try adding a sweet potato to your lunch to give you some energy for your post work hike.
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    I cap off my post-workout breakfast of eggs, veggies and bacon with a banana for extra oomph. I don't have the banana on non-workout days.

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    I know how you feel Lucie. I'm feeling similarly. I've made it 5 weeks now and have been very strict with myself. I totally crashed last weekend on a hike and I'm still not feeling all the way better again. My problem is electrolyte imbalances and I'm having a heck of a time getting it right. If I can get it right, all my energy and strength comes back but if I don't, I feel really awful. I'm feeling awful more often than great this week.

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    I'm not exactly 'active', but without carbs I get more and more tired. I needed the sweet potatoes first, so I could find the energy to be active. Lots of us here have found that our quality of life suffers if our carb levels are too low.

    Edited to add that I didn't gain weight from adding carbs.
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    Thanks so much for the replies you guys!
    I really appreciate the support and while I do have the occasional issue when faced with a cheesecake at work, in general I LOVE the food and this way of life.
    I will up my carbs a bit, it's honestly not something I've been counting although I do eat quite a bit of kobucha squash and the occasional apple, plus tons of veggies.
    But if my carbs are so low wouldn't I likely be dropping weight or at least "breaking even" even without formal exercise?
    Again, thank you to all who replied, your expertise is valued!

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