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Thread: Silly newbie asking silly question. Why am I so tired?

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    wheat and sugar withdrawals will do that to you too big time. fuzzy wuzzy brain fog and lethargy until your hormones reset.

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    I've heard that for some people they do go through a period of time of ravenous hunger but then it eventually subsides.

    I really ate a TON of fat the first week or two and then naturally just stopped eating quite so much fat but without feeling deprived or more hungry or anything. I also was pretty darn sure I got fatter for a little while before any weight came off. Weight loss for me has been very slow, not dramatic at all, but 5 weeks in and I can go one notch in on my belt. I think I still look the same though, which can be discouraging.

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    OP why do you change to paleo what you were doing previously seemed optimal - you said you always at healthily were trim and fit?
    P.S. There are lots of good recipes for low carb cheesecake.
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