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Thread: I'm new here, recovering from LD hiking

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    My metabolism was totally broken....I believe that I no longer have the ability to tolerate carbohydrates more than a minimal amount. If I ever keto-adapt--I'm having one HELL of a time doing so--I believe that will be the only way I can feel normal again.
    You might consider incorporating principles of Dr. jack Kruse's Leptin Reset Prescription:


    The basics of the Leptin Reset Prescription are:
    1. *Eat a Big Ass Breakfast with 50 grams protein within 30 minutes of waking (7 eggs, 7 oz. Meat)
    2. *Eat 3 meals a day 4-5 hours apart
    3. *Eat paleo or primal diet, no more tha 50 grams carbs per day (25 if obese)
    4. *No snacking between meals except for black coffee or green tea (no cream, sugar, coconut milk)
    5. *Eat dinner at least 4-5 hours before bedtime
    6. *No cardio or heavy lifting during reset (6-8 weeks), walking OK

    This will get you started:
    There is also an epic thread here on MDA that just hit 10,000 posts this week. *When it got monstrous we helped Dr. Kruse develop the FAQs.
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    I'm not too far from the leptin reset thing right now. I kinda want to save those kinds of little tricks until after I've gotten keto-adapted and after weight loss absolutely stops. If it ever starts, that is. Sometimes I think I've lost weight and other times I think I'm deluded about that.

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