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Thread: What to do with surplus fat?

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    When I roast a whole chicken I save the fat as well as what's left of the carcass after we've picked at it. If you haven't made bone broth it is really simple, tastes exceptional and has wonderful healing properties. Here's a little "how to" for you.

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    I reduce the drippings with some aromatics and herbs and then use it as a sauce for the meat. Or I make soup.

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    I've been doing something mostly like that by accident. When I do is throw the whole carcass and any leftover bones into a big pan, add some frozen pees and spinach, some salt and peppercorns, and leave to simmer for an hour or two, or more. From your recipe I can see what I should have been doing is throwing all the surplus fat and juice in too. I don't bother taken the meat out as I like to have the meat in the soup. Usually I eat it as-is, but my 3 year old daughter doesn't like the spinach or peas, so I sieve it and she drinks the result. I read that little children don't like veg because of its high fiber and that they refuse greens for good reason, having only a small digestive system, so I don't mind that. I fish her out bits of meat it she wants them.

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