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    I've got my diet pretty primal but the only thing's i don't want to do without are things like marinades that just improve the meal so much. Now I read the lables avidly and notice that it says for example 2.3g carbs (of which sugars.)

    My question is, does sugar have affects greater than the total carbs or as long as I keep my carbs below 50, will it make any difference? I suppose my question simplified would be- If I consumed 5g of carbs on two separate days, one day the whole 5g from sugar and the next the whole 5g from natural carbs...would there be a difference with regard to muscle building and fat loss? I hope i've explained the question fully.

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    you ought to try making your own marinades! they're really easy to do.

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    simple answer to this one, look at this video:

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    long but very very worth it!

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    Barehard,... while i doubt a bit of sugar like 2.3g will really have that much of an impact,.. that 50 grams of carbs you try to keep below should mostly come in the form of veggies with little fruit. If you use grains or sugars to reach that 50gs of carbs, you will not have the same success as without it.

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