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    Survivor Food Reward Hypothetical

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    In a recent episode of Survivor, one of the winning 'rewards' was an Adam Sandler movie and a bunch of junk food that you get at the movies - hot dogs, soda, candy. No good food at all.

    If you were on the show, do you think you could actually gain an advantage by skipping that reward? I think this season they have access to some rice, fish and fruit as part of their day to day, but are still undernourished and craving food. They are a couple of weeks in.

    I'm pretty sure at that point any calories would be worthwhile, but am interested to know if anyone thinks different
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    Probably eat the cruddy hot dogs and barter the rest for hero points...:P

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    I'd be more worried about the effects of the Adam Sandler movie...
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    I think you'd have to differentiate Survivor vs survival.

    If I were on Survivor, no I would (try) not to eat it, because I know it'd probably make me feel crappy the next few days.

    If I were in a true survival situation, with no end in sight, then yes. I'd eat it. You can survive on SAD, just not thrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norak View Post
    I'd be more worried about the effects of the Adam Sandler movie...
    Agreed. The calories can be burned and the toxins excreted. But what is seen cannot be unseen.

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    I'd probably eat it, though I might not compete very hard to win it.

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    I have always wondered what I would do on Survivor if I was there. I have been gluten free for over 6 years, I would TOTALLY be afraid of the side effects if I ate something while on the show. I mean, dehydration from getting sick would probably be worse the the benefit of the extra calories. I think I would eat SOME of the items, like maybe the hotdogs and popcorn, but probably skip the candy. Reasonable starches and protein would be my focus.

    I always wonder how some of those rewards sit on the survivors stomachs. If you watch the Ponderosa videos (jury house) on every season, most of the survivors gain back all of the weight they lost in a week. They pig out, are miserable, guzzle pepto, and then do it all over again. I think doing something like a whole30 or other food practices in the past will help keep you from losing so much control when presented with a situation like that. I guess I don't know for sure, I have never been in a serious calorie restriction like that, but I have been on serious food restrictions.

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