Not sure if there's a thread already like this (I searched and didnt find one).

I'm new and thought that building a list of places/ sources for primal foods, meats, good spices etc in Australia would be mutually beneficial for all of us Aussies. Breaking it down into states and cities and stuff within posts is probably a good idea.

Here's my contribution from what I've found in my (aprox) 3 weeks of being primal so far.

Sydney, NSW:
- Grassfed beef: Hudson meats in Surry Hills is almost exclusively grassfed. Additionally, I just asked my local butcher, Michael's Meats (very well priced, in the Surry Hills shopping village) whether his meat was grassfed and he said that almost all of it is, excluding scotch fillets and a couple of others (just ask him on a case by case basis). Additionally, Eveleigh Markets near Sydney uni on a Saturday has a grassfed beef stall (Greenhill Organic meat) but I haven't yet tried them out.
- Spices: Paddy's Markets in chinatown has an excellent spice stall near the edge of the produce section.
- Unforgettable, amazingly priced, crushed vanilla beans: You'll never need to buy expensive vanilla beans or use that gross liquid stuff again. It's black as it is meant to be and smells and tastes heavenly. I ordered at like 9am and received it the same day that afternoon. Organic Vanilla Powder 30-90g - Professional Whey Protein Powder & Sports Supplements at Wholesale Prices
- Coconut milk + cream with no additives/emulsifiers etc: Ayam-brand coconut milk in the Asian section at Woolworths
- Organic dates: Coles but not Woolworths.
- Fivefingers The Adventure Megastore - Home of Adventure in Sydney City. They are Australian priced though so cost way more than in the USA. I got my KSO treksports there because I was too impatient to import.

- Coconut flour: Healthy life, Woden Westfield.

Please add on so I (and hopefully others) in Aus can expand our repetoire.