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Thread: SAD-like hunger on Primal???

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    SAD-like hunger on Primal???

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    Greetings fellow Grokkers!

    Got a question for y’all: Lately, I’ve been getting hungry within 3 hours after eating. And not just a "oh, I should eat something" hungry, the "if I don't eat my stomach is going to digest itself" hungry. This has been going on for 3 days, ever since I cut dairy (except the heavy cream in my morning coffee) and nuts out completely. I've also reduced my fruit to one serving a day, always before lunch, but otherwise nothing's changed. I eat at the same times, in the same quantities... maybe I'm not getting enough fat, like the fat I was getting from nuts & dairy hasn't been replaced sufficiently with other fats? I’ve also been having some sleep issues and haven’t been working out lately because of it (virtual headslaps invited); could that also be a contributing factor? Any thoughts are appreciated… Thanks!
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    Sounds like your body is missing fat. Try adding alternative sources of fat in to help supplement what you took out.
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    Sleep could definitely play a role-lack of sleep messes with your hunger signals. But as mentioned, you might just need more fat and possibly protein. Have a spoon of coconut oil after your meal and see if that helps.
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    You just removed two sources of both protein and fat from your diet, dairy and nuts. Are you making up for that elsewhere? Focus on getting enough protein first. The fat will come along for the ride with meat protein sources.

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    I think you answered your own question.......lack of sleep, lack of fat.

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