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Thread: N00b-ish

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    Lightbulb N00b-ish

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    N00b to MDA forum, not so newish to primal eating. I gave up grains, chocolate (apart from the occasional bit of 85% cocoa stuff), rice crackers, other processed junk and most dairy (I'm sticking with my full fat greek yoghurt, double cream and cheese though ) about a month ago after doing some reading of MDA and following a couple of people's blogs, who've had awesome results with primal/paleo. I'm working my way through Primal Blueprint book atm. I've packed in my pescatarian habit too and I'm back to eating meat. In fact I had bacon for the first time in over 5 years this morning .

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    Yay for bacon! That's quite a step. Congratulations.

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    Well, I am just concerned about the price of it. I mean, rather it is unusual and irrelevant, but I always feel like
    I think you have got it.

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