Got my bloodwork back from my physical from 1 week ago. At that time I was three weeks into no sugar or grains (basically primal with the exception of NOT using grass-fed beef--still working on that--and the occasional Mich Ultra beer). I am 5'11'' and started at 175 and have dropped to 166 (exercising consistently).

My total cholesterol a month or so prior was 170. I am very new to all this (have read PB and Paleo Solution, nearing the end of Good Calories Bad Calories) and am fighting a lifetime of CW. My total cholesterol jumped to 219, but I had expected that with the increased eggs, meat, good fats, etc. My LDL, at 147 seems high but appears to be mostly Pattern A, good, right?

I would be grateful if some of you experts might take a look at my numbers and let me know your thoughts...