First impressions are important. I'm not exactly brand new to Primal Living, just going to be a lot more dedicated to changing my life this time.

I started following the Primal way on the advice of a close friend after she noticed how miserable I was with my body and my food intake. Honestly, I started this to lose weight quickly and all that jazz. I never expected that this would take over every aspect of my life.

What was a journey to be skinny and hot became an odyssey for me. I found that my thinking, way of living, everything about me changed - for the better. I was making more improved, healthier choices all the time. I wasn't feeling guilty about what I was putting into my body. I began playing more with my two children. I felt good about me. I am nowhere near skinny (I want to be strong now), but I have changed on a fundamental level.

I joined the forum today because I've gotten into a slump and Mark's Insider really hit me. The information and inspiration came just when I was thinking of giving up. I found a small inkling of mental clarity in my carb-induced haze.

I'm glad to be here and hope to make many friends during my stay.