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Thread: Can I have an hourglass daughter?

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    Can I have an hourglass daughter?

    Can a woman with an apple-shaped body give birth to a daughter who is pear/hourglass shaped?
    It seems plausible that if pre-conception and post-conception conditions are right, we can change the sex hormone levels in our babies, however, I cannot think of a single, real life example where such a thing happened.

    All my friends who are pear-shaped/hourglass have a mother with the same shape. Does anyone have a counter-example?

    Also, I'm lumping pear and hourglass together because I think both have the essential markers of female health: having a lower WHR (waist-hip ratio) and holding fat on the hips. It's supposedly because she draws from theses reserves (which contain more long chain-fatty acids: Elsevier) when she's preggers. Having wide hips allows a vaginal delivery to go smoother. Holding more weight around the middle (for both sexes) is positively correlated with an increase of 'civilizational' disease and may be tied to estrogen dominance.

    I want my daughter to have the best health I can give her (and I have a few years to work on making that happen). I'm an apple when I gain weight and have narrow hips and my shoulders seem broader than what is appropriate for females. The future father of my children is the opposite of me: he does not hold as much weight on his belly as most men and he seems to always carry a tiny layer of fat on in the butt/thighs, though he looks balanced and very masculine. I don't know what the natural, healthy male pattern is, but I think that possibly the average woman and average man are estrogen-dominant with all the environmental toxins we're exposed to. It is excess estrogen that leads to a pattern of belly fat deposition, right?
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